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Internet horror hostess and owner of "The world needs monsters. Without them the real horrors would ruin us all."

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One horror enthusiast will win $13,000, a walk-on role in an independent film, a 2-night stay at Buffalo Bill’s House, and go head-to-head with horror legend Kane Hodder in a photoshoot for Rue Morgue Magazine!

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Tell us why you would make it to the end of a horror movie?

I have a survival list: Never wear heels in a cemetery. Never hide up stairs. Don't go in the basement or a shed (are you kidding?) Don't talk to gypsies in roadside wagons. Always carry a spare tire. Always have a full tank. If you are friends with a cheer leader, distance yourself. Don't have sex in a tent, car, or sleeping bag. Closets are for clothes. Always carry holy water. Leave dolls where they are. Never look a clown in the eyes. Keep a super size stock of "Raid" in case of giant bugs.

What's your favorite horror quote?

"The house don't care what's fair or who lives or dies! You know why? Because it's a F#@I*(( HOUSE!" Watson Pritchett. "House on Haunted Hill" remake.

How would you use $13,000?

I would start by fixing my teeth. They are painful and my insurance does not cover what I need done. Then I would donate a portion of the winnings to "Don't be a monster", who teaches children how to cope with bullies. Finally, I would buy a headstone for my parents who passed away 7 years ago. They always taught me to follow your dreams through any sort of storm.

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