Jason C. Gares

I'm a 51 year old horror fan, that's also a filmmaker, a writer and artist.


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Who will win $13,000, a photoshoot with Kane Hodder at the Woodbury House, and a feature in Rue Morgue Magazine?

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Tell us why you would make it to the end of a horror movie.

No sex, no drugs and no drinking (I know, that's pretty boring). Also, I won't be in charge of anything, or anyone else (I have to be selfish to survive). I'm all alone with only my wits about me (and a firearm or two).

Which movie monster do you relate to and why?

Jason Voorhees of course. He's my namesake, since his first appearance at the end of the original Friday the 13th film. All through school I couldn't get away from fellow students walking past me going, "ch ch ch ah ah ah". Which, in sorts, was a way I would get picked on, and I knew it. I learned over the years to embrace the Jason character, just not become him. In the early 2000's, I was able to meet Betsy Palmer before her passing at a meet and greet, which was an awesome experiance.

What would you do with the unlucky $13,000?

I would split it with my family, and donate to my local humane society.

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