2023 Face of horror & Kane’s Pick announced

A Bloody Good Time

The Face of Horror Competition brings together thousands of horror fans to celebrate the genre and compete for $13,000 and a photoshoot with Kane Hodder to be featured in Rue Morgue, all while raising awareness for the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation.

2023 Face of Horror

Nell McGee

Nell is a lifelong horror enthusiast and self-taught SFX makeup artist pursuing a filmmaking career. This creep resonates with ‘The Mother’ from the film Barbarian, craving acceptance and understanding. In a horror movie, she'd be the mastermind behind the chilling scenes, making her a unique force to reckon with.

2023 Kane’s pick

Dan Smith

Chosen by Kane Hodder from a chilling array of entries for the most creative short film, Dan's dark humor set him apart. Kane praised the submission, saying, “It was well written, acted, and edited. I laughed my ass off and watched it ten times." Now, Dan will head to Hollyweird to rendezvous with the legend himself.


Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation

Stephen King once said, "We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones." We all love the feeling of being scared, but we also love knowing that it's all just fiction. Unfortunately, many of us will experience real-life horror at some point, such as the devastating effects of childhood cancer. But, thanks to organizations like the B+ Foundation, childhood cancer doesn't have to be so scary.

Face of Horror is proud to support the B+ Foundation to aid in their mission to provide financial assistance to families, fund childhood cancer research, bring awareness to the fight against childhood cancer, and spread positivity!

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2023 Finalists

Featuring Special Guest

Kane Hodder

Kane Hodder is a horror icon — he's an American author, stuntman, and actor best known for his portrayal of Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th franchise. Competitors will unlock exclusive interviews with the man behind the mask, and the next Face of Horror will join Hodder for a bone-chilling photoshoot.

The Sinister Shoot

The Woodbury House

Thrills, chills, and stills! The imminent Face of Horror will conjure with Kane Hodder at the Woodbury House, an iconic filming location known for American Horror Story, True Blood, and V/H/S, among others. The Colonial Revival structure was built in 1882 and has a haunted history with reports of aggressive spirits wandering the halls.

Photoshoot for

Rue Morgue

Rue Morgue, a must-read for horror fans, delves into classic films, upcoming releases, and captivating interviews. The future Face of Horror will head to Hollywood for a one-of-a-kind photoshoot with Kane Hodder, leaving their mark in the pages of this esteemed legacy. Hollyweird, the heart of horror, has shaped the genre from silent cinemas to iconic works like Dracula and Scream.

Hosted By

Jim Vendiola

Jim Vendiola is an award-winning Filipino-American filmmaker whose work explores themes of heartache, longing, liminality, eros, and pathos. He has been recognized by the industry with various awards, including the Best Director award at the 2021 Chicago Underground Film Festival for his latest film, "Pretty Pickle." Jim will be the spirit guide for competitors on their Face of Horror journey, offering unspeakable secrets to get ahead.

2022 Winner

Whiskey Tango

Megan Higby, known in the burlesque circuit as Whiskey Tango, was named the first-ever Face of Horror in 2022. Whiskey Tango has been devouring horror since the age of four after seeing Gremlins for the first time — she loves to review films and create burlesque performances from iconic horror films and characters.