Megan “Whiskey Tango” Higby

Megan Higby, known in the burlesque circuit as Whiskey Tango, will be heading to Buffalo Bill’s House for a 2-night stay and a photoshoot with Kane Hodder, which will be featured in Rue Morgue Magazine. She will also pocket $13,000, and is now eligible for a walk-on role in an independent film. Whiskey Tango has been devouring horror since the age of four after seeing Gremlins for the first time. This final girl loves to review films and create burlesque performances from iconic horror films and characters.

Whiskey Tango is candid about her struggles with depression and how horror helps her manage those feelings. “No matter how bad life gets, it’s not as bad as a horror movie,” she says. We are excited to share more of her story over the coming months as we plan for the hair-raising Face of Horror experience.

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Kane Hodder

Kane Hodder is an American author, stuntman, and actor best known for his portrayal of Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th franchise. Hodder has some of the most die-hard fans in the genre. Competitors will enjoy exclusive interviews with the horror icon, and one lucky fan will join the legend for an exclusive photoshoot.


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Buffalo Bill's House

The legendary filming location of the 5-time Academy Award winning horror film, The Silence of the Lambs, is now open for overnight stays, guided tours, and on-location filming. Outfitted with screen-used movie memorabilia, artwork, and multiple interactive movie experiences, Buffalo Bill's House retains the feel of the iconic film set, while providing amazing hospitality and photo opportunities. Lotion Included.


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Jim Vendiola

Jim is an award-winning, Filipino-American filmmaker whose work frequently explores heartache, longing, liminality, eros, and pathos. His latest film⁠—a horror-comedy called PRETTY PICKLE⁠—recently World Premiered at Chattanooga Film Festival, and will have its International Premiere at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival.



Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation

Horror is great entertainment when it occurs on screen. We would all prefer it stays there but at some point, many of us will experience real-life hardships. We celebrate horror for its escapism — the thrill of the unexplained and the terrifying— all the things from which we try to protect the little ones in our lives. Now we have an opportunity to help those kids who weren’t given a choice by joining in the fight against childhood cancer.

The goal of the B+ Foundation is to provide financial assistance to families, fund childhood cancer research, bring awareness to the fight against childhood cancer, and spread positivity! Face of Horror is excited to support its mission.

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