Josmar Rosa

Horror enthusiast to the core! I have been watching horror movies since I was a kid and love them all no matter if they're mainstream or not


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Who will win $13,000, a photoshoot with Kane Hodder at the Woodbury House, and a feature in Rue Morgue Magazine?

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Tell us why you would make it to the end of a horror movie.

I think i'd make it to the end because I'm so in tune with how villains think and how they function. So i'd likely be a step ahead of them.

Which movie monster do you relate to and why?

I'd say I relate to Bram Stoker's Dracula (The film not book) the most because it boils down to him just wanting to be loved and accepted by his love. This gives him a human element even with the beast within him which we all have a hint of in my opinion.

What would you do with the unlucky $13,000?

I'd put it towards my medical bills if i'm being honest. I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis newly diagnosed and it'd greatly help me with treatment costs.

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